Originally drafted November 4, 2021 and last tended May 16, 2023 by Matt McElwee.
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👋 I’m a software engineer, manager, writer, and wannabe Bible nerd, currently living in Omaha, NE.

Right now I'm a lead developer on Learn.Bible, a free courseware platform by BibleProject designed for churches and non-profit ministry organizations. It's a neat way to engage my research interests of pedagogy and Christian formation with software development practices.

Most recently I was leading a team of web and mobile developers in a massive conversion effort taking a Windows thick-client application to the web at DMSi. Before that I spent time in eCommerce and building a CMS for a white label application. I care a great deal about honing my craft as a manager and thinking about how to grow individuals and develop good software.

I’m also a Christian and am obsessed with the Bible and the surrounding scholarship. I’m also really interested in how history, sociology, and economics come to bare on the spiritual formation of folks.

My goal is to find for myself and the community I surround myself with a pathway of spiritual formation rooted in the ancient/future rhythms of the Church that balances scholarship, pastoral care, worship, and personal practice.